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Millie. 17. British.

I'm a multi-fandom multi-shipper, and I what I post varies wildly depending on my current obsessions. Along with fandom stuff there's some LGBTQ+ stuff, feminism, and generally stuff I find funny or interesting.

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You can find me talking in a slightly more eloquent form about TV, literature and film here: http://kittybennetreads.wordpress.com

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To avoid clogging my blog with a game series very few of my followers have actually played, I satisfy my Ace Attorney addiction elsewhere. My Ace Attorney specific blog can be found here:

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If the Paternoster Gang did get picked up for a spin-off show aimed at Sarah Jane’s old audience, then knowing CBBC, they’d add a new preteen tagalong.

So I designed one. Say hello to preteen crime-fighting Victorian Silurian drawn in coloured pencil and ink because I’m really enjoying traditional media at the moment.

Idk, she could be Vastra and Jenny’s somewhat androgynous adopted child, awoken due to coal mining.